Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cinque Terra - A Trek to Remember!

Yeah!!! Finally I made it!!!! Nanu trecking maadide "Life-alli" heheheeh... and it was really very nice... All 3 of us had great fun.... Sam darling is really a sweetheart... she was soo good.. no galata at all .... she was having a great time telling gowri mami, ganesha mami stories to pappa who was carrying her almost 98% of the treck... the weather was too good.. we were lucky enough to catch the Sun take a dip in the sea... We had prepared Gobhi parathas for ourselves and pongal for puttu- though she had very lil of that...
The treck is called Cinque Terre- hiking along the footpath over 5 hills between 5 stations with hills on one side and the sea spread over on the other... The scenery was just beautiful...The Path from the first village Riomaggiore to the 3rd - Corniglia via Manarola -the 2nd was quite easy.... ofcourse we had to climb up and down ... and would be called as hiking and not trecking... We reached Corniglia and had parathas enjoying the view of GuvanaBeach .. Sam enjoyed her cake -Cacao as its called here :) Then we started once again refreshed... Little did we know that the most difficult section starts here...

Sam wanted to walk now.. She had been a good girl all day.. so we let her have walk for sometime... we took her video too... she walking in Ambarish ishtyle hehehhe.. really good.. The path led us into the forests ... it really seemed as though we were the only 3 of us walking ahead.. i really wonder where the other hundreds of guys dissappeared.. till now the path was really crowded...For sometime we thought we were lost... but then we found the ticket checker we were on the right path.... So where were the others!!! I wondered... and walked...walked and walked ... And then We CLIMB, CLIMB,CLIMB ,CLIMB and CLIMB.... oh then i realized probably most of them stopped behind bcoz they found out it was quite a tough one.. so on the way found some girls... I asked them how far is Vernazza... She says another hour to go.. Oh my god... I thought,, But then she said "This is the last climb and then you go only down..I promise ..". So we started with full josh again ..The last one ...we climbed and climbed finally we reached the point where the path started downwards.. this was nice..after the long uphill route.. but we had to be very careful.. one slip- off to the sea.. The scenery was just amazing.. Added to that we had the Sunset.. was Quite a sight ... Took the sunset snaps and then moved ahead towards the village - Vernazza.. We were wondering shud we continue... we were told not a good idea to continue with a little baby.. Off we go to the Station .. bought the tickets to Genova... we had to change two trains... We started at 7:35 from Vernazza and reached home at 10:30 pm ... Yummy Pongal was waiting for us... All three of us had mummum and then hit the bed..
I will remember this treck all my life.. I really enjoyed it.. .It was Also an eye opener for me...realized that I am not Fit at all..Gotta start exercising and tone up my muscles... :))) For the next one!!! veeheheheh


Sunil S Murthy said...

Nice start dear Som:) I know its straight from the heart...I felt it was you narrating it to me...I relived this once again. thanks for capturing the moments..:)

ಸಾಗರದಾಚೆಯ ಇಂಚರ said...

Nice start,

trekking is always good for health

i wish many more articles like this.